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Stainless Steel Corner Beads

Materials: Stainless steel perforated sheets, or expanded metal.
Features: Corrosion resistance, flat surface, sharp angle. Corner beads made of stainless steel sheets offer excellent corrosion resistance, flat surface and sharp angle. Stainless steel corner beads are manufactured to the same dimensions as the galvanized beads and are suitable for exterior application, thermal insulation systems.

Standard sizes:
8 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm.
Made-to-measure available for 200 cm length.

In 20 ml bundles. In 500 linear meter pallets.
Application: Stainless steel corner beads are used to make flat decorative facade joints on raked render. The stainless steel materials work specially fine in the places where there is a long term humidity like sanitary rooms, domestic bathrooms and kitchens wall plastering.

Stainless Steel Corner Beads
Stainless Steel Corner Beads
Stainless Steel Corner Beads
Stainless Steel Corner Beads
Stainless Steel Expanded Corner Bead
Length Pieces Per Carton Cartons Per Pallet Feet Per Carton
8' 40 28 320
9' 30 28 270
10' 30 28 300
12' 30 28 360

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